About  INTECA Decor

INTECA decor was born several years ago from a history of style and passion, an amazing activity carried out with professionalism and experience.

Nowadays it is considered as a valuable point of reference with regard to home textiles, home fragrances and vegetal aromatic soaps.

Through our collections, in which research, materials, design and processes become pure ingredients of planning, we wish to take you on a journey that is always new, a journey that speaks of elegance, harmony and emotions.

In our philosophy all of that has an important role and this leads us to create exclusive and high-quality products.

The INTECA decor proposals are dedicated to all who wish to use or donate a product that tells about his own affections, wishes and that strengthens the bond with special people. The union between elegance and quality aims to accompany, with kindness, every little moment of life.

Our company is formed by a young and dynamic staff, who is able to guarantee the reliability and seriousness that have always distinguished every aspect of our organization.

Our Philosophy

Our manufacturing techniques are based on rigor, our production strategies are set to high quality standards, our reliability and professional ethics guarantee respect for the philosophy of the product.

To the experience of the tradition are matched the modern production technologies, that experience avant-garde processes in order to keep up with the needs of a market that wishes a valuable product and the privilege of buying craftmanship.

To guarantee the thought of the Maison, there is Vittorio Castiglioni, Administrator of the Company, who started his constructive professional career in the historic family company that was founded back in 1928.

Our Collections Our Collections
Linea Tessile

Textile Collection

Linea Fragranze

Fragrances Collection

Linea Saponi

Soap collection